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3DA Multimedia is an industry leader in software development specializing in business applications and innovative web development that span browser, desktop and mobile devices. We work across a broad spectrum of industries including consumer, telecommunications, healthcare, technology, government, media, entertainment, education, finance, retail, and military. We understand the culture of technology and the design of business.

3DA’s headquarters is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


The privately owned, 3dA Computer Special Effects was founded in 1995. The company specialized in providing custom 3D animations and graphic components for the new CD ROM and Internet industries. As Netscape 1.0 and HTML were introduced, 3dA rushed to adopt this new discipline to create the first websites for the early adopters of the cyber-world.

Throughout the late 90’s, 3dA’s services grew to include desktop software development, customized CD ROM applications, and digital video encoding along with other services that are now common to the multimedia industry. In order to embrace these new markets, 3dA Computer Special Effects became 3dA Multimedia.

In 2000, 3DA Multimedia was incorporated. After securing a place in the Multimedia service industry, 3DA Multimedia developed its first real time customer support service product: Quick Help Desk.

Quick Help Desk began as an internal project focusing on customer retention on a website. The introduction and release of the Quick Help Desk in 2002 transformed 3dA Multimedia Inc. into a services and products company.

In the fall of 2002, 3DA Multimedia introduced its first web based conferencing and collaboration application: 3DA Virtual BoardRoom. This new application triggered the Alliance Complimentary Technology Partnership with US software development giant Macromedia - now part of the Adobe corporaton.

In 2003, 3DA Multimedia introduced 3DA Telecom Inc., a hosting facility solely dedicated to support 3DA’s products and services. This new division within 3DA Multimedia provides the necessary network infrastructure required to handle real-time web conferencing, web casting and web hosting.

Over the next few years, 3DA has focused on providing training material and open source enterprise solutions that automate operational processes for government and private organizations.

In 2009 3DA Multimedia goes through a rapid transformation entering the market of business application development, cloud system integration and mobile applications helping companies to transition from desktop based applications to a more flexible environment on the web.

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