2D & 3d Animation


The art of animation has phenomenally grown over the years, and 3DA has grown with it—In fact, this is exactly where the name of our company comes from! Back when the 3D industry was just beginning to hit the market and the Internet was just on its early stage of development, we were one of the few companies who offered animation services, back when a single frame took as long as 4 hours to process. Indeed, 2D and 3D animation is at the core of what we do and has greatly defined who we are.

With over 21 years of experience in the animation industry, we have developed models and delivered services to a wide range of clients, from telecommunications to high-tech military units to pharmaceutical companies and event to government agencies. To mention some, our past and present clients include, The Canadian Nuclear Energy Commision, Allen Vanguard, Proctor and Gamble, Pfizer, Bell, Mitel, Ford Motor to mention some.

Using industry standard software such is Autodesk, Maya and 3D Studio, Adobe After Effects, Premiere, and Final Cut, we create high-quality 3D models and develop both desktop and web-based software. We can deal with 3D prototype development, produce 3D printing products, and design sophisticated simulation software.

Expanding to a bigger audience, we are able to incorporate 2D and 3D still and motion graphic components to your corporate videos, as well as training and educational materials. Some of our most recent work includes developing educational materials for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, US Marines, and the Canadian Armed Forces. We also developed the first online curricula training material for the aviation industry, used to train both high school and college students who are interested in the field.

Without a doubt, animation is what we do best. With lifelike 3D models we can help you visualize and market your new ideas from a very early stage, as well as add impact to your marketing campaigns. With accurate 3D images, our services can help you evaluate industrial design, colors and even the packaging of your product. Let us bring your ideas into a visual reality, creating for you an interactive experience like no other.

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