Our Approach

Every successful idea, product, service or company rests on a reliable and efficient process.

We have streamlined our process into the four easy steps:


Planning: The first step is in many ways, the most critical. During this planning stage, we construct a ‘foundation’ that allows for long range growth and flexibility. Our meticulous strategies work in concert to bring about the next stage.


Design: We craft a multi-media campaign across e-platforms that is as individual as your product or service. Our designs daringly display your brand in manner that speaks directly to your target audience.


Develop: Once we have fashioned the design, it is the appropriate time to build it. Using state of the art technology, 3DA Multimedia assembles: web applications, e-commerce, open-source and custom content managements systems, and custom functionality, seamlessly.


Market: This is the culmination of the first three stages. During this phase, the advertising and promotions begin through multiple social media channels. As customers respond, their feedback is carefully analyzed to assist in the modification or evolution of the process..

01- Planning


Free Consultation

Our primary goal is to understand your vision in order to assist in its success. However, every relationship must start somewhere. We cordially invite you to take that first step and to meet our President in person. Allow him to listen to your business objectives, answer your questions, and demonstrate the advantage 3DA Media provides its clients. Regardless of your specific needs, timeframe, or budget, our company is dedicated to ensuring your success.


Research & Analysis

At 3DA Media, we understand that success is a cooperative effort. To better understand the particulars of your company, we require specific information about the following topics: the ways in which your business is unique and superior, the direction you expect your business to take in the short and long term, whom your target audience is and what they value, and finally, your ideas about how to elevate your company to its highest potentiality. By completing our straightforward survey, we are able to determine and devise an appropriate strategy that satisfies each and every need highlighted.


Strategic Marketing

The ability to reach your target audience effectively is the difference between stagnation and prosperity. We understand the importance of tailoring your message appropriately to remain at the forefront of your industry and constantly attract new business. At 3DA Multimedia, we enumerate every viable option and avenue so you are able to connect with potential customers in print or online. Our team will prescribe a specific plan, which corresponds to your budget and objectives.

Once composed to your taste, this strategy will serve as a dependable guide for all future promotions and publicity.

02 - Design


Logo Design and Trademark

Every world-class company or business possesses a logo, which is instantly recognizable by millions. This picture is symbolic of who and what this company is as well as the services or products it provides to its customers. These graphics are painstakingly constructed using research about how people emotionally respond to shapes, color, and format.

We have the tools to craft a positive and memorable logo your company will be proud to use as its visual signature. 3DA Multimedia does not stop there.

Our team of graphic artists ensures uniformity with each aspect of your company’s image, including specific fonts, recognizable color combinations, and the visual familiarity your customers will associate with your brand.


Customized Stationery

To accompany your image, we add the personal touch of stationery emblazoned with your familiar logo. Although often overlooked, this detail provides clients another friendly reminder they are doing business with a partner who does not sacrifice courteousness for efficiency.

In the fast paced world of e-commerce and telecommunication, it is refreshing to receive a handwritten note of gratitude or appreciation. 3DA Multimedia will help you provide this extra dimension of humanity to your valued clientele.

03 - Development


Web Development

Prior to writing a single line of web programming code for your site, it is essential to first carefully outline the specific look and feel of said site. Using feedback from our clients helps us to understand exactly what kind of experience they want their customers to have. This, in turn, determines the precise type of technology and development models necessary to meet those objectives. Our highly experienced staff of web programmers continuously analyzes the functionality of the website at each stage of production. We are well familiar with compatibility and accessibility requirements used by the Internet and deftly apply this knowledge for maximum efficiency.

We also provide web hosting and domain name registration services


Responsive Website Design

Responsive Design is not the same as mobile design. Mobile design entails creating an entirely new website or web app with content specifically created for the mobile experience. Responsive Design, on the other hand, means that the same domain, the same content, and the same syntax — more or less manipulated by JavaScript and/or CSS3 Media Queries — respond to different viewports to provide the best user experience possible for each device. The different viewports include desktop monitors, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices and their corresponding orientations.


Generating & Editing Content

Despite having a gorgeous and sleek new website, if the content is not appropriate or is ineffective, the information is overlooked or worse, ignored. 3DA Multimedia is well connected to skillful writers, photographers and videographers who understand the most effective techniques for generating powerful web content for your site. Not only will users accessing your website be engaged, they will anticipate further content and return.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

We know how confusing trying to navigate through the myriad of open-source platform can be. There are so many to choose from: Concrete 5, Symfonyl, Joomla!, Moodle to mention some. How can you determine which CMS gives your business the greatest advantage? 3DA Multimedia can provide sound advice and instruction about every open source platform as well as which are best for your company.


E Commerce & Online Payment

Online payment can be one of the trickier aspects of doing business but remains one of the most essential. As with CMS, there are many major platforms and gateways companies use to transfer funds. For example: Shopify, Magento, PayPal, and Global Paymentech. Our company is well acquainted with each one and can assist you in finding the most effective and secure ways to conduct business online.


Adding & Enhancing Functionality

Websites often require more complexity than ‘point and click’ functions.

We can provide you with the with the necessary tools.

  • Search Boxes
  • Shopping Carts
  • Online booking & Registration
  • Restricted Access Portals/Extranets/Intranets
  • and more…

04 - Market

Marketing Campaign Strategy


After the strategies have been planned, the trademark designed, the website developed, it’s time to enter the final phase - marketing.

Many consider this to be the most exhilarating phase as the anticipated potential begins to materialize. You will proudly witness online traffic increase exponentially as customers flock to your glossy website to discover for themselves why the Internet is suddenly raving about your brand.

As sales increase and customer feedback begins to pour in, 3DA will continue to provide the following services to help you remain ahead of the competition

and match your clients’ expectations:

  • Seamlessly integrate additional website content
  • Search Engine Optimization - to keep your company at the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results
  • Participate in social media outlets and platforms
  • Produce and print online banners and ads
  • Design brochures, billboards or tradeshow booths for special promotions
  • Analyze and assess the effectiveness of the devised marketing strategies, then add or adjust for maximum effect

Creation of Multimedia Content for Your Online Marketing and Printed Stationary


We supply the materials as well as advice about how and where the ads will have the greatest positive impact for your return on investment. Rest assured 3DA Multimedia has thought of every contingency so you are able to do what you do best – managing your business.

We can help you with the following items:

  • Graphic Design
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Billboards
  • Banners
  • Video Content
  • 2D & 3D Animations
  • Audio Narrations
  • Content Creation
  • Content Localization and Translation Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Simply put, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of rising to the top of search result pages. It’s an art to master—if you’re the top choice of a search engine, you’re most likely the top choice of users. But the reality is more complex. Having a good website just isn’t enough and unfortunately, neither is a fixed SEO strategy. Not only do top search engines like Google keep their algorithms to themselves, they also change them on a regular basis. So what works one day won’t necessarily work on the next.

By making SEO part of your regular marketing activity, you have a better chance of avoiding slipping down

the ranks. And while SEO is not always directly related to your marketing campaigns, it can sometimes be utilized by tuning your site to new keywords that correspond to your marketing efforts

Social Media Management, Integration and Synchronization


At 3DA Multimedia, understanding the specifics of each social media platform is one of our specialties. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are each unique and attract different people for different reasons. Needless to say, increasing online presence is crucial.

It must be done tactfully so that you can reach your target audience with the appropriate information about your company or services.

By utilizing our expertise on social media sites, your ‘fans’ will be compelled to follow the enticing content directly to your company’s site, further increasing traffic and business.

Organizations that aren’t taking advantage of the amazing marketing and communication possibilities that come with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are missing out on the most important Internet trend of our generation.

Social media is about more than connecting with friends, clients, and vendors – it’s changing the way we think about connections, relationships, and product or service recommendations.

We can help you to develop a social media strategy that works for you.



Web Analytics and Performance Monitoring

Utilizing "Google Analytics and Google Web Master Tools", we gather the statistics from your company’s website to obtain a clear picture about who is visiting your site, which path led them there, and which content they are most interested in perusing. This statistical analysis indicates which aspects of the marketing strategies are working and which ones need modification. The bottom line – Let’s keep them coming back.


Web Maintenance and Support Packages

Our team knows that as new technology is utilized, markets change and needs evolve, your marketing strategy will need to adapt and improve. 3DA Multimedia will continue to provide support, advice, content, marketing, and technical expertise long after your site has been launched.


Web Hosting, Backup Services and Domain Registration

We’re more than your website provider. We’re your partner, and we want to be sure we look after everything. So we’ve partnered with Host Gator to offer you the best-in-class website hosting, with enom a domain name registration and SSL certificates service provider and with Amazon, to guarantee 24/7remote backup services for your data protection.

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